April 30th

First of all, sorry about or absence on tumblr, but we have our hands full with Facebook and Twitter as it is, anyway let’s recap the new things from this past week!

All the pics we’re posting today come from twitter (You are all following Joanne already right? Good!)



And of course we can’t go without posting this mystery again #WhatIsTheTeaBreak?!


In other news, Noble keeps winning in the festival circuit and co-star Sarah Greene has been nominated for a Tony Award, congrats! 

April 15th

The cast of Downton Abbey, including Brendan and Joanne are supporting Animals Asia in this video, first posted to tumblr by derpderpabbey:

As an extra treat for today, batesandanna brought our attention back to this clip from 2010, although is not new it did go unnoticed by a lot of fans so if you haven’t seen it here it is: (spoiler alert: some AWESOME hair ahead)


Anonymous asked:
Why did you post a picture you already posted on here on Brendan Coyle Online? Why didn't you just reblog yourself?


Because I didn’t? I don’t post from Brendan Coyle Online. That’s not my blog. You’d have to ask them. 

From our description:

The new concept of BCO is “Brendan Coyle Daily”. Since we don’t have time to blog properly we will curate and put all the new stuff together once a day. You can find our normal content on FB and Twitter!

We linked to MBL’s originals post, as we linked to Stephen’s tweet yesterday and we will link to any sources in the future (Not only to the original blog but to the exact post so people can reblog from there).

What we are trying to do is curate the content and only gather the new stuff everyday, today we only had one new thing, if tomorrow we find two or three we will post them all in the same post but always linking to the original sources. We are not in it for the notes, but to guide people who only want to see news. We provide the info and they can like and reblog the original post, if they do it from ours too is their decision.

If a source doesn’t want us to use their stuff they can just say it and we will respect that. If the majority thinks this is a bad idea then we’ll stop. We are doing it as an answer to people who asked us to stay active on tumblr and for people who are only interested in news.

Source mrbateslegal

We’re back! (kind of).

Brendan Coyle Online’s tumblr will now blog all the new stuff in a single post daily (well, on days when we get new stuff). 

And today we got new stuff!! Finally, the approved for posting trailer for Noble. Yes, approved:

That’s it for now, we hope to see you tomorrow!


Anonymous asked:
Why doesn't Graham Norton want B on his show?

It’s not that Gram doesn’t want Brendan on the show, unless I’m missing something. Gram/the producers have asked the audience who their dream guests would be on the show and to tweet their responses.
It’s just a question/response thing. More looking for audience participation than content probably.


The ask box is back!

When you go to the blog you will now see this:


Which is basically just an ask box, but on the left side (those black squares) you’ll find the links to the Watch list I told you about before and also to our still VERY active FB and Twitter pages.

Thanks again for understanding and all your help and support! :)